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KBT Pure Pro Keyboard Programming

Mar. 20, 2014

I recently picked up the KBT Pure Pro keyboard off ebay after a person ended up breaking the USB port and ripped some of the traces. After spending a couple frustating hours on it I got it working.

The biggest gripe so far is the Del swapped with the Back Space to fix this follow my simple tutorial below.

So it's pretty simple. First you need to insert into programming mode.

Fn + R_Ctrl

After that you need to change the Del to use Back Space by making Del type Back Space


Back Space


Then exit out of programming mode just like you entered it.

Fn + R_Ctrl

After that run your keyboard in toggle mode by hitting:

Fn + R_Shift

The right Fn LED should be on.

Other than that I programmed my Cap Locks to be a Ctrl key.

Link to scanned manual just in case.

This was taken off reddit to save

You know what disregard that link. I was stupid and didn't read that it's a link for the Pure, not Pure Pro. Here are some instructions from /u/MechKB , a vendor rep:

"Ok, I don't have a Pure Pro in front of me but I did exactly this at work today, so IIRC.

1) Press FN+Right Ctrl, the right PN light should flash (can't remember which, sorry).

2) Press "del" The PN light should stop flashing and stay lit.

3) Press "backspace" then press PN, the PN mode should flash again.

4) Then press FN + Right Ctrl, to exit the programming layer.

5) To use your new key assignment, press FN + Right Shift, the FN key should light up and stay lit (that is not a typo) to indicate you are now using your programmable layer (shouldn't it be Pn Vortex? o.o)

Ok it's almost 2am here, so I need some sleep and I might've gotten the shift and ctrl keys mixed up. Let me know how you go. :)"

As he said, there might be typo or 2 in there so try doing them a few different ways. If you can't, I will be getting my pure pro in a few days and will post the manual."

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