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WL V911 Mods

Jul. 18, 2014

Recently got a new toy to mess with. It's the WL V911 which is a little 4 channel RC helicopter. The little 4 channel helpicopter is a micro size, which is about the a 8 inches long. This little helicopter is a good beginner helicopter after coming from the coaxial helicopters. With the flybar it isn't to much more difficult and a lot was learned by trying it.

Of course it was going to break eventually and here are some of the mods that I did to it.

My first break was the fly bar. The flybar is crucial to flying a steady flight. If it is off balance or whobble it will be really hard to keep control of this bird. After breaking it I went to my favorite helicopter site of

I ended up picking up:

I ended up seeing this better flybar kit before purchasing the flybar above. For only 20 cents it's worth it.

Skid Pad

Brace 1

Brace 2


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