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Da Vinci 1.0 E3D Conversion

Apr. 2, 2015

I've in the process of converting my Da Vinci 1.0 over to a E3D. I'm going to use a bowden extruder and I didn't want to modify much of the existing extruder setup, so I ended up buying an extra stepper from RobotDigg to use for the conversion.

The original Da Vinci stepper motor is model 17PM-K142B. In the datasheet it shows the Pin No vs. Phase, but the diagram is confusing.

The RobotDigg motor comes with wiring harness. I used this harness to calculated the Ohms between the Da Vinci motor. This is what I got:

Yellow - Red is 5.6 Ohms and Blue - Orange is 5.6 Ohms (note this is with the RobotDigg harness on the orignal Da Vinci stepper). So now I know which coils are connected to each other. My next step was to connect the same coils configuration with the coil configuration on the RobotDigg motor. Using the RobotDigg datasheet, I've created a little conversion harness that connects RobotDigg stepper with the original Da Vinci wiring harness.

Da Vinci harness to RobotDigg harness Da Vinci coil to RobotDigg coil
Yellow - Grey A - B
Red - Red C - D
Blue - Greeen B - A
Orange - Yellow D - C

I used this method since I wanted to run the extruder in the same direction Da Vinci ran theirs. You might need to flip one of the coils in reverse to run it in the correct direction for your application.

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