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Web Based Business Intelligence Programs

Apr. 8, 2016

At my previous company we were looking for an open source Web Based Business Intelligence program that integrated with our datastore (MySQL). One night I poured through a bunch of different solutions and came up with a list of full solutions to partial solutions that may work. Metabase was a no-brainer since we needed to deploy via Docker and they already had an image available. Go Metabase!! After installing and evaluating it on Aptible we knew it was a solution that provided us with instant results. As you can tell I'm a fan of Metabase, but this blog post isn't about Metabase, but about the other solutions that may also work.

If I had to get a paid solution I would be looking at these two: Looker and Periscope.

Below is a list of my notes that I took while looking around at other BI programs:

# Business Intelligence (abandoned?)
statsd +

## ETL:

(workflow) +
Apache Nifi (ETL tool) + Metabase =
(Ruby ETL process example):

## ETL DB?:

## Multi-datasource querier: (facebook)

## dashboard: + +

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