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Converting WK-2402 To Modern Electronics

Sep. 3, 2016

I've been looking for a new RC remote to control my RCs for a while. I wanted something customizable, but yet something cheap. The DEVO7 is what everyone recommends, but then I'll need to modify it to allow me to control the nRF24 models. The other option was to look at converting my V911 remote to a smart remote, but after tearing it apart the hardware wasn't worth hacking. I looked next into Ebay for cheap remote, after a little time I found the WK-2402 remote, for $20, this was the perfect candidate.

After I received it I didn't realize how large the remote is. It's almost comically large compared to the V911 remote, but all I really wanted was those gimbals. I'll stick with using the shell as-is since it has a large compartment for the "goods".

I wasn't sure if this remote worked or not. The Ebay description was vague, but after inserting batteries it turned right on. Now this is where it got weird, the second time that I tried to turn it on it wouldn't turn on. Tried a dozen different things, but couldn't get the dang thing to turn on. Oh well, I'm just need the gimbals and the shell. I ended up stripping it down to what you see below. My goals for the coming weeks is to create a Maple (Arduino) Shield that fits the in the same area that the orignal MCU sat.

The plan is to pair a LeafLabs Maple 5 MCU with this remote. The MCU was choosen because it's the same MCU that is running on the DEVO7, which means I might be able to use the Deviation firmware, but that'll be the after I get an initial proof of concept working.



MCU - ATMega 168

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