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Eachine VR006 External 18650 Battery Mod

Jun. 5, 2019

The Eachine VR006 was my first goggles and they've been pretty good, but I've always been limited by the battery capacity. I've can typically get 2-3 flights out before I need to charge the goggles again, which is far too short. On the other hand, my TX batteries last 9-14 flights before I need batteries charged up. My goal is to try to get 6-10 flights before I need my goggles charged up.

The first method was to try and use an old cell phone battery, but this didn't seem to last the winter here in Ohio. Obviously, the next thing to try was 18650s.

These goggles came with a small 500mah battery.

VR006 stock 500mah battery

This battery is fine for 2-3 flights, but is limited. I was always worried that the battery might cut out half way through a flight.

Solution is simple. Get a bigger battery.

A 18650 battery is typically around 2000mah to 3000mah (4x as much as the stock battery)

VR006 external battery barrel plug

Added external barrel connector for easily pulling out the battery when I'm finished flying.

VR006 battery wire and wire clips

Custom 3D printed battery wire mounts to keep things in place. This setup isn't perfect yet, but gets the job done.

VR006 custom 3D battery clips

Simple mount for The mount needs to be adjusted to better balance the battery. Right now the battery sits a little higher than I liked which makes it awkward put on the goggles.

This should increase the battery capacity by as much as 4x, if not more, which should get my goal of 6-10 flights. If not, I can always parallel my batteries to increase capacity.

Another mod is coming up that will allow you auto turn on the goggles power when plugging in the battery.

3D Printed Parts:

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