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Weekly Dev Notes 8/28/2021

Aug. 28, 2021

These are some links that I've captured over the last week. These are things either that I want to read more about or share with the world.


Good distinction between the different disciplines in Platform Engineering:

Platform Engineering is not about infrastructure development.

Platform Engineering is about enabling others to do whatever they want to do.


Great comments from HN as always.

IC to Management:

Something that really caught my eye was:

leadership scales effort, management extracts value

The #1 piece of advice is to hold back from giving answers, and instead, challenge people with questions, to let them do the thinking.

EC2 Boot Time Benchmarking

Githubs Engineering Team Moved to Codespaces

I've been experimenting with GitPod and Code-Server for a while now as something that I can do to empower out devs.

Lots of great conversations around this:

How Discord Stores Billions of Messages

Lots of great conversations around this:

While old, it's a good read and brings up a couple good topics to think about when moving from one storage solution to another. Wonder if they ever started using Scylla.

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