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Weekly Dev Notes 10/03/2021

Oct. 3, 2021

These are some links that I've captured over the last week. These are things either that I want to read more about or share with the world.

Nice to have different options available other than code-server (nothing against code-server):

Sounds like this is a direct stab at AWS S3 as a way to pay reduced costs for egress.

Recently I've been looking at diagraming tools for our software stack. While I don't feel that C4 is needed for every problem, it's still interesting to see.

Could give Ruby a new boost, excited to see this come through, maybe part of Ruby 3.1?

Need to read up on this, but it sounds like a good read as someone that will likely need to handle partitioning in the future.

As someone that recently worked on a project that used Event Sourcing, this was an interesting read as it provided a different perspective.

Not sure how much of a difference it'll make, especially with lambdas that don't get hit all that often.

Invalidate Node require.cache

Same thing, but with ESM modules using worker_threads

Basic tutorial on podman for linux.

Need to look more into Nix as a way to solve developer depenency issues

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