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Weekly Dev Notes 10/10/2021

Oct. 10, 2021

These are some links that I've captured over the last week. These are things either that I want to read more about or share with the world.

I hope AWS Cloud Control leads to more consistent releases of APIs for new AWS features. I always get excited for new AWS features, but then realize I need to wait for Terraform or Pulumi to support them before I can use them #iacforlife. The inconsistently is very annoying. Let's hope this solves that pain.

We were talking about moving Kubernetes managed resources to Terraform Kubernetes module, but the testomony in this thread is making me reconsider this. Other's have mentioned switching to as a good design pattern.

Found recently and have been really digging their configuration format. As someone on a platform team, we are always trying to figure out the correct amount of abstractions. is also someone to watch for, their engineereing blog is amazing.

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