a little place I like to call home.


Below are some notable projects that I'm currently worked/working on.

Octoprint-cli - A client for Octorpint that allows me to talk with the printer through the command line.
RC Transmitter - A DIY RC Transmitter. Used to learn about RC technology.

Other Projects
Some Project Euler solitions in Ruby
Extending and building a custom Gem for deployment with Capistrano and Thin webserver.
Built a custom Gem to get ASpell working on Heroku.
My firmware and documentation for my custom keyboard that I reversed engineered.
Custom OmniAuth provider to help with authenticating with a cookie.
Another Gem to help with getting PDFTK executable on Heroku.
I run OctoPrint on my 3d printer controller. I'm working on a solution to help track my spools based on reported filament used via OctoPrint
My Resume built with React.js/Webpack/Bootstrap
I use ansible to provision servers. Here is something that I was working on to deploy OpenResty easily.
I sometimes torrent legit software to a seedbox. This little helper helped me stream the binaries through a middle server to speed up downloading.
Custom Gem to help with XML style Excel sheets. and
This is a Sinatra API that integrates with Lua/Github to update my PowerDNS records.